Friday, March 12, 2010

Smashbox Halo Perfecting Powder

I ordered my smashbox halo perfecting powder from one of our suppliers. I was so eager to try it!


The packaging is mess free!
You can control the amount of powder you want by twisting the compact.


it is not cakey on my skin. very very lightweight. a friend of mine even commented that it gives a glowy look!
.. not drying but rather hydrating.

I am not sure if it reduces wrinkles since i can't see wrinkles on my face yet. (haha!)

Does it live up with what it has advertised? Definitely YES!


a bit pricey, though, but it gives you what you want. (you get what you paid for!)

> i am already using my second halo powder & hopefully it won't get discontinued.

Thursday, March 4, 2010


i was floored when i tried this one! :) why? because i read tons of reviews - good & bad.
(hence, my hesitation).
but then, when i bought my smashbox halo powder, it came with mini kabuki & photo finish sampler. so, i tried it!

it was great! so, i bought the full size bottle.

i think the technique is to apply ONLY a little.. maybe a pea size over your moisturized skin and then let it set in before applying your foundation or powder. you'll see how it glides on smoothly to your skin.. really smoothly.. and it allows a smooth make up application too..

cons: when you are using the pump bottle, you will hate it! because it won't come out halfway through. maybe, i'll just buy the tube type next time.
other than the poor packaging, i like it! :)

i prefer smashbox primer better than bare escentuals

Benefit Coralista


Coralista has peachy pink shade with a bit of shimmer.

and when you apply it on your cheeks, the color transfers immediately from your brush.

(which means it is pigmented.. really pigmented)

you can build up the color depending on your mood.

and it works well with people who have warm tones.

has a sweet smell too..

the only thing i hate about this product is the brush, it is so small and it can't distribute the blush evenly on my cheek. so, I had to remove it from my make up stash.

i personally like this one because you don't need much to achieve that natural effect & it last longer than the other blushes i have tried.

cons: a bit pricey & brush

this is a picture of coralista blush.

pls take note that i had to put much blush in my hand to let you see the actual color.

read our reviews on how to spot FAKE benefit coralista.