Friday, October 29, 2010

the body shop VIT. C Skin Boost


This cost PhP1095 in 30ml pump bottle.

When I first applied this at the Body shop counter, I kinda like the smell - citrus! and the effect on my skin.

You'll easily recognize the difference!

This serum is a clear light gel texture.

You don't need much to cover your entire face.

When you buy this, the bottle doesn't say much. there isn't much information so I had to check online.

I LOVE it because:

it made my skin smoother
more radiant

I use this Vit. C first then followed by moisturizer over my cleansed face.

I like this one as compared to Juice beauty..

I got an instant result with the body shop vit. C (as compared to Juice beauty)

and it's pricey too - $45usd!

the Body Shop Vit. C skin boost does a great job!

So, i will DEFINITELY buy this again (and again).

Will I recommend it?

- Definitely! :)

Sunday, October 24, 2010



I bought this one in Landmark Makati on sale - 50% off!

I got this for only PhP99.00. Original Price is at PhP199.

Who doesn't like SALE? hahaha

I also bought Ponds Age Miracle for only PhP249 or PhP299. Original Price is around PhP490-550 (not so sure).

Hmmm.. I've been using this "Flawless White (Pink one) for almost a month already.

Sadly, I couldn't see any difference :(

Then I switched to Ponds Age Miracle. I think this one is much better than the Flawless white because it's matte and creamier. Texture is much better than Flawless white..

I'm not sure if it has any visible signs of effect.

Maybe after a month, I can distinguish.

Will I recommend?

Flawless white (pink) - may be not.

Age miracle - I still have to figure it out after a month.

Will I buy?

Flawless white (pink) - nope!

I am thinking of getting the BB cream (it's Korean Brand). A friend of mine tried it and she liked it! Hmmm.. Maybe :)

MAC brushes

I will be reviewing about MAC brushes - HOW TO SPOT FAKE MAC BRUSHES soon.. :)

Keeping my hands crossed.. LoL! :)

Please remind me.. I tend to forget due to my uber busy schedule..

You can ask me anything.. as long as I have them, I can make a review of them too.. :)

MAC Mineralize Blush - Hot planet

MAC Mineralize Blush - Hot Planet

This MAC MINERALIZE BLUSH DUOS came from the GRAND DUO collection.

At first, I was hesitant to try this because it looks dark in the pan. But once applied, it is sheer.. very pigmented and if you apply very lightly, it brings a lovely glow on the face (like a sun kissed).
it isn't too sheer. just the right amount of sparkle to keep my face looking radiant & fresh! XD

It lasts longer than MAC's powder blush. Definitely a must in my make up stash :)

The actual shimmer of this blush is in the melange part (left side) and the solid color (right side) has some shimmer but is more toned down - mauvey.

When you swirled the two colors together - very very LOVELY! :)

I think this will suit both warm and cool tones. The melange would suit warm tone and the pinky mauve part would suit the cool tone.

I so LOOOOVE this! I can play with it too - I can have a glowy or sunkissed look depending on

my mood :)

the blue circle is the solid color (ride side) whereas the pink circle is the melange side (left side) - ideal for medium skin tone.

don't forget to swirl them together to get the beauty in it :)

My skin tone:

Somewhat medium.. I either use NC30 (if I don't get too much sun) otherwise I use NC35.

I have combination skin too :)

MAC Mineralize Blush in Hand Finish


I promised myself to blog regularly. Oh, boy.. Been to busy.. ;)

I'm gonna give a quick review on my latest haul -> MAC MINERALIZE BLUSH in HAND FINISH.

I was thinking whether to get this one or the daft pink. I hesitated with the daft pink because it's pinkish and might not be suited for my skin tone.

I'm more on the peachy pink side :)

Hmm.. MAC mineralize blush are sheer & shimmery!

It isn't as pigmented as I thought. I use it to highlight my other blush/es.

I think this best suits lighter shade like nc20 or nc25. They'll get the effect of it.

But hey, I still like it! It gives that drammatic effect on my face on top of my Coralista or Peachykeen blush :)

I would suggest this one to those who have lighter skin tone :)

But if you have that "extra" money, then try one!

I won't recommend this one to those who DOESN'T like shimmery and sheer blush.

My skin tone:

Combination skin

I use nc30 (if I'm not too exposed on the sun) and nc35 :)