Sunday, November 21, 2010

FAKE Coach New Poppy Slim Tote

I hope this information will help you figure out whether your coach poppy is real or not:

how to spot a fake Coach New Poppy Slim Tote:
1. FAKE -> it has no silver at the back of the bag. it only has "coach ♥ poppy"

2. FAKE -> it has pocket on both sides

AUTHENTIC -> it has NO pocket on both sides

3. Authentic - It has 2 piece hang tag.


What's your take?


i was about to buy a MJ bag online but when i did some research, I found that Marc Jacobs "nylon" tote doesn't come with dust bag or care card. but to my surprise, some sellers are selling MJ "nylon" tote bag with dust bag, care card or both.

if you check at marc jacobs website, it doesn't include any dust bag or care card..

be wise! :)

Saturday, November 6, 2010

MAC Hot planet VS Benefit Coralista Blush SWATCH




The blue and pink circles are MAC Mineralize Hot planet

The green circle is Benefit Coralista blush

How to Spot a FAKE Coralista Blush

As you can see, I really use my Coralista blush :)

Here are some pointers on how to spot a FAKE CORALISTA blush:

1. Coralista blush is a bit pricey. If they sell this for PhP500 - 900. Most probably they are fake! I am a seller too. I know how much this cost if they get it as a wholesale or single purchase..

2. the original letter ‘t’ is pointed, while the fake one has been cut off.

the left side is the "AUTHENTIC" one. the right side is the FAKE one.

looking at these 2 pictures, the color of the AUTHENTIC coralista box is light orange. the FAKE, is somewhat reddish orange or a bit darker in shade.

3. at the back part, you'll see the ingredients printed in different languages:

the FAKE one, once you peel it. it comes off together with the paper :(:

or sometimes the FAKE Coralista has NOTHING written at the back once you peel it OR only one side of it has something written on it.

NOTE: the ingredients should be written on BOTH sides and it shouldn't come off easily.

4. AUTHENTIC smells sweet. FAKE doesn't smell anything.

5. the packaging of the AUTHENTIC Coralista is sturdy. the FAKE one is shoddy

always ask for the "real" picture.

authentic factory overruns = fake

Friday, October 29, 2010

the body shop VIT. C Skin Boost


This cost PhP1095 in 30ml pump bottle.

When I first applied this at the Body shop counter, I kinda like the smell - citrus! and the effect on my skin.

You'll easily recognize the difference!

This serum is a clear light gel texture.

You don't need much to cover your entire face.

When you buy this, the bottle doesn't say much. there isn't much information so I had to check online.

I LOVE it because:

it made my skin smoother
more radiant

I use this Vit. C first then followed by moisturizer over my cleansed face.

I like this one as compared to Juice beauty..

I got an instant result with the body shop vit. C (as compared to Juice beauty)

and it's pricey too - $45usd!

the Body Shop Vit. C skin boost does a great job!

So, i will DEFINITELY buy this again (and again).

Will I recommend it?

- Definitely! :)

Sunday, October 24, 2010



I bought this one in Landmark Makati on sale - 50% off!

I got this for only PhP99.00. Original Price is at PhP199.

Who doesn't like SALE? hahaha

I also bought Ponds Age Miracle for only PhP249 or PhP299. Original Price is around PhP490-550 (not so sure).

Hmmm.. I've been using this "Flawless White (Pink one) for almost a month already.

Sadly, I couldn't see any difference :(

Then I switched to Ponds Age Miracle. I think this one is much better than the Flawless white because it's matte and creamier. Texture is much better than Flawless white..

I'm not sure if it has any visible signs of effect.

Maybe after a month, I can distinguish.

Will I recommend?

Flawless white (pink) - may be not.

Age miracle - I still have to figure it out after a month.

Will I buy?

Flawless white (pink) - nope!

I am thinking of getting the BB cream (it's Korean Brand). A friend of mine tried it and she liked it! Hmmm.. Maybe :)

MAC brushes

I will be reviewing about MAC brushes - HOW TO SPOT FAKE MAC BRUSHES soon.. :)

Keeping my hands crossed.. LoL! :)

Please remind me.. I tend to forget due to my uber busy schedule..

You can ask me anything.. as long as I have them, I can make a review of them too.. :)

MAC Mineralize Blush - Hot planet

MAC Mineralize Blush - Hot Planet

This MAC MINERALIZE BLUSH DUOS came from the GRAND DUO collection.

At first, I was hesitant to try this because it looks dark in the pan. But once applied, it is sheer.. very pigmented and if you apply very lightly, it brings a lovely glow on the face (like a sun kissed).
it isn't too sheer. just the right amount of sparkle to keep my face looking radiant & fresh! XD

It lasts longer than MAC's powder blush. Definitely a must in my make up stash :)

The actual shimmer of this blush is in the melange part (left side) and the solid color (right side) has some shimmer but is more toned down - mauvey.

When you swirled the two colors together - very very LOVELY! :)

I think this will suit both warm and cool tones. The melange would suit warm tone and the pinky mauve part would suit the cool tone.

I so LOOOOVE this! I can play with it too - I can have a glowy or sunkissed look depending on

my mood :)

the blue circle is the solid color (ride side) whereas the pink circle is the melange side (left side) - ideal for medium skin tone.

don't forget to swirl them together to get the beauty in it :)

My skin tone:

Somewhat medium.. I either use NC30 (if I don't get too much sun) otherwise I use NC35.

I have combination skin too :)

MAC Mineralize Blush in Hand Finish


I promised myself to blog regularly. Oh, boy.. Been to busy.. ;)

I'm gonna give a quick review on my latest haul -> MAC MINERALIZE BLUSH in HAND FINISH.

I was thinking whether to get this one or the daft pink. I hesitated with the daft pink because it's pinkish and might not be suited for my skin tone.

I'm more on the peachy pink side :)

Hmm.. MAC mineralize blush are sheer & shimmery!

It isn't as pigmented as I thought. I use it to highlight my other blush/es.

I think this best suits lighter shade like nc20 or nc25. They'll get the effect of it.

But hey, I still like it! It gives that drammatic effect on my face on top of my Coralista or Peachykeen blush :)

I would suggest this one to those who have lighter skin tone :)

But if you have that "extra" money, then try one!

I won't recommend this one to those who DOESN'T like shimmery and sheer blush.

My skin tone:

Combination skin

I use nc30 (if I'm not too exposed on the sun) and nc35 :)

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Bath & Body Works Body Japanese Cherry Body Scrub

My latest haul is Bath & Body Works Japanese Cherry Body Scrub.

I first fell in love with BBW's Japanese Cherry Cream.

So, I never hesitated to get the scrub.

The crystal sugar grains are of good size (not chunky!), perfect for exfoliation.
my skin is never left stripped off with moisture and it made my skin softer and smoother.
I love the smell too!
A little goes along way with this scrub.
A light application of BBW Japanese Cherry Body Cream (or any lotion/ cream) will give more moisture on your skin
Go try one! :)

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Stila Illuminating Tinted Moisturizer

I bought this one on a whim.

I read somewhere that "tinted moisturizer"is a great addition to our anti-aging skin care regimen. it can replace our moisturizer, our sunscreen, our makeup primer foundation. so, I had to buy one! :)

It shimmers a little but not to much and makes my skin look like its glowing.
The coverage is very light.
And when I applied my foundation it blends well with it.

Another take: Has SPF. Feels great on. Absorbs well. Not heavy. No streaking ever.

Great if you use it in the morning too, as it would give that fresh & illuminate the skin.

However, I wouldn't recommend this to those who have oily skin. It might give a different effect - too sticky & thick. But if your skin type is like mine, I would suggest, go get em! :)

foundation: mac studio fix NC30-35
skin type: combination (dry & oily)

This is great for those who have:
> normal and/or combination skin.
> who wakes up early (gives dewy effect)

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

how to spot a FAKE MAC blush:

how to spot a FAKE MAC blush:

1. FAKE MAC BLUSH - DO NOT have the COLOR NAME, they HAVE number such as 08, 07, 06;
2. FAKE blush comes with sponge. ORIGINAL/ AUTHENTIC blush DOESN'T come with sponge;
3. there is no such thing as "GOOD BYE MAC"
4. AUTHENTIC/ ORIGINAL blushes are made in Canada, USA, Italy. BUT NOT Asian Countries.

be warned! :)

How to spot a FAKE MAC studio fix foundation

How to spot a FAKE MAC studio fix foundation:

1. check whether the lettering of the shade and the bar code is the same. if they are the SAME -> it's FAKE!

2.the bar code contains 1 letter & 2 numbers with different lettering (or print) with that of the shade.

usually the lettering (or print) of the bar code is more dominant than the lettering of the shade

3. the bar code printed on the foundation itself should be the same number printed in the box. and located at the bottom part of the box.

4. the lettering of the shade is relatively thin or slender in form.

see the attached picture to determine the difference between the bar code and the shade

Thursday, May 6, 2010



"The revolutionary good-for-your-skin formula contains vitamins A, C, B5 & E, soybean extract to reduce redness, and Ribose, an all-natural corn extract that renews the appearance of skin. FUNCTION5 SELF-ADJUSTING POWDER FOUNDATION is oil-free, fragrance-free and paraben-free."

at the back of the box it gives some tips on how you can achieve a better coverage:
Adjustable COVERAGE:
SHEER - Apply with FAN BRUSH #22
LIGHT - Apply with POWDER BRUSH #1
MEDIUM - Apply with FACE & BODY BRUSH #19
FULL - Apply wet or dry with the sponge
FULL MATTE - Apply wet with FOUNDATION BRUSH #13 and then dry with the sponge

this product is one of our BEST Seller!

Need I say more? :)

I like this FUNCTION foundation better than the WET DRY foundation.
the former, is matte. It gives medium to heavy coverage. Depending on how much you apply on your face :)
The latter, however, is more sheer.

BUT both gives good coverage.

Don't forget to moisturize your face before applying! :)




This lip gloss is HUGE!!!

it is creamy, moisturizing and non-sticky.

my lips became glossier when I applied it!

it's a great alternative if you don't like to wear lipstick or if you just want to have a simple "you".

and i love the color - in pink!

for added effect:
use your lipstick first and top it with this gloss and glow!! :)

SMASHBOX KABUKI BRUSH (in FULL size) & BARE ESCENTUALS Well Cared Brush Conditioning Shampoo


I got this when I started using Smashbox Halo Powder. Although the Halo powder comes with its kabuki brush, I still wanted to get the Big size because it's too small. this KABUKI brush is VERY soft, gentle and makes powder application a lot faster! It doesn't irritate my skin too. Moreover, it grabs the foundation or powder and evenly distributes them accross my face. The finished look is so natural and yet dense enough to provide great, even coverage.

Having a Kabuki brush is becoming a must-have tool for applying powder, foundation, bronzer, mineralized skinfinish and even blush - you just have to squeeze it!

I recommend this Smashbox Kabuki MORE THAN Bare Escentual's Kabuki Brush.
Why? It's a lot bigger, it gives more coverage & it's UBER soft!

The downsize of it is that there is a slight fallout when you get the brush.. but very minimal!

This Brush is discontinued. But it sells around $30 USD or roughly around PhP1500.

BARE ESCENTUALS Well Cared Brush Conditioning Shampoo

"Like your own hair, your makeup brushes need a little TLC. This gentle, irritant-free brush shampoo washes away all traces of dirt, makeup, oil, and debris from your makeup brushes as it conditions the hair and fibers to a soft finish."

I used very mild or gentle soap in cleaning my brushes but it didn't help! It got tangled up! To my dismay, I had to throw it out! (That's MAC brush!!) So, when Bare Escentuals introduced this product I immediately ordered some of these items.

At first, I thought it was pricey but I decided to splurge and see if this would really make a difference. To my surprise, it does! My brushes feel restored and no longer harsh on my face. So, it's worth every Peso (hahah)

Why do I like this product?
1. it's MUCH better than regular soap or shampoo.
2. the bristles stayed soft after they were dry;
3. it leaves no residue;
4. it is especially designed for brushes;
5. it is extremely gentle.

If you have a brush or have brushes, you need to clean them! you don't want bacteria to linger in your brush/ brushes..!

If only I used my Bare Escentuals cleaner in my MAC brush, I would have been using them by now.. Oh, boy! :(

Thursday, April 15, 2010


I was hesitant to try this blush because i already have 6 blushes at hand.. and adding one more will give me a lesser chance to use the others. but one of our client said that i should personally try it!

hence this review:

I like how the effect produces a more contoured, sophisticated look. It's soft matte sheer. Very, very buildable; hence you can blend it easily or layer it up.. I like the natural warm look of it!

This is similar to my peachykeen (by MAC) but without the shimmer. The shimmer, though, isn't as big as that of Nars super orgasm ( i think nars super orgasm has a big chunk of shimmer.. lol)

will i recommend it?
yes! it's good for everyday wear (at an affordable price..)

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Shelf Life of MAKE UP

Some General Makeup Expiration Guidelines.

if it smells, stinks, has a distinct odor that should not be, throw it away! I am amazed at how long women will keep cosmetics that have a bad odor, THROW IT!

and since cosmetics manufacturers aren’t yet required by law to put expiration dates on their products, it’s up to us to ditch the expired ones.

Oil-free foundation: 1 year
Cream or compact foundation: 18 months
Concealer: 12-18 months
Powder: 18 months - 2 years.
Liquid foundation may start to separate when its past its prime, but it usually lasts a good 6 months before you need to throw it out.
Blush and bronzer: 2 years
Cream blush: 12-18 months
Powder eyeshadow: 2 years
Cream eyeshadow: 12-18 months
Eyeliner: 2 years
Liquid eyeliner: 3-6 months
Mascara: 3 months.
Plus, after 3 months you’ll notice that it’s stopped performing as well, so it’s not a total loss to throw it out even if there’s product left. To avoid the death of your mascara, don’t pump the wand in and out of the tube as this pushes air into the tube. Upon pulling the wand out, twist the wand to pick up more product.
Lipstick: 2 years
Lip liner: 2 years
Lip gloss: 18-24 months
Nail color: 1 year.
Nail polish will become stringy and/or gooey and hard to apply when it goes bad.
Fragrance: 2-5 years.
Sponge: 1 month. even with cleaning after every use (which you should OFTEN do) because it collects bacteria.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Blog For April

I will be reviewing the following this April-May:

Smashbox Muse Blush
Smashbox Kabuki Brush
MAC skinfinish in Smooth Merge
Bare Escentuals Rever up
MAC mineralize Blush
Smashbox Function Foundation

Monday, April 5, 2010


I tried this BARE ESCENTUALS MATTE on a whim.

I tried the golden medium shade.

According to BE's website:

"A mineral-based foundation that gives flawless coverage.

The coverage is complete and is free of preservatives, talc, oil, waxes, fragrances, and other chemicals that can irritate skin and cause breakouts."

I used this one with Bare Escentuals moisturizer and Rever Up.

But it didn't work for me :(

I only used this for 5-6 days.

During the 1st 3 days, I noticed that my pores were getting bigger. And it didn't go well with my concealer. At first, I tried this one with my mac studio fix concealer. But like I said, it didn't blend well. So, I tried again with my smashbox camera ready concealer, still it dodn't! :(

After having break outs, I got pimples (which I seldom have)! So, I was alarmed!!

And it caked, it stuck to my dry patches, it made my face look floury like a clown.

I decided to stop using this and go back with my smashbox halo powder.

If I have anything positive to say about the product, it would be that it felt very light on my skin. And the compliments stop there.

If you want to try this product, I suggest buying the sample size first. If it works for you, then good! But if it doesn't, like what happened to me, then its a waste of money.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Smashbox Tinted Treatment Lipstick in Solar

Tinted Treatment Lipstick

What it is: A lipstick and a treatment in one.
What it does: The inner core of vitamin E works to treat your lips while the colored outer core leaves a delicate wash of color to your lips.

It has 3 shades: ray, solar & shine.

Solar is cherry

Shine is bubblegum pink

Ray is blackberry

Why I like it:

It has an excellent moisturizing for chapped lips.

I like the color.

It isn't sticky.

It layers easily.

It looks natural (but don't overdo it!)

it has SPF! (protects my lips from the sun).

You are getting 3 in 1 - a lipstick + treatment + spf

If you haven't bought one yet, then I suggest you buy now! :)

I got the tinted lipstick in Solar.

I'm thinking of getting the Shine too.. :)

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Myron's Place

We went to Myron's to try their steak because I read somewhere that they have the best steak in the metro.

When we got to Myron's Place, they gave a very light bread with goat cheese. This is ideal for those on diet.

We ordered "chorizo balls." The salad taste delicious but I personally didn't like the chorizo balls. I think it didn't go with the salad.. :(

After that, we ordered Franco's cut which can be split into two. But if you are starving, then have the whole 450 grams all to yourself.

What can I say about Franco's steak? It was tender, delicious & yummy! Superb!!! I like it!
I love it! It is really Angus Beef.. I had mine done in "medium well". If you love steak, they I say.. go for this one. They have different kinds of steak you can choose from. And you won't go wrong ordering this one. Plus they have 3 kinds of dips.

After the main course, I ordered "banana cream pie". I should have tried the pudding instead. Because according to the server, that is their BEST dessert.

Banana cream pie is OK for me. Not bad but not great either. The 3rd layer (white something) makes the pie worth it! There wasn't anything SPECIAL on it. On my next visit, I will try the pudding..

Oh! The staff are friendly too.. :)

Ambiance - 5 star (not too crowded)
Price - 3.5 star
Steak - 5 star

Recommendable? - Yes, I would recommend their STEAK! :)


Chorizo Balls - PhP250
Franco's Cut - PhP1750
Iced Tea - PhP80
Banana Cream Pie - PhP180

Plus 10% service charge

Friday, March 12, 2010

Smashbox Halo Perfecting Powder

I ordered my smashbox halo perfecting powder from one of our suppliers. I was so eager to try it!


The packaging is mess free!
You can control the amount of powder you want by twisting the compact.


it is not cakey on my skin. very very lightweight. a friend of mine even commented that it gives a glowy look!
.. not drying but rather hydrating.

I am not sure if it reduces wrinkles since i can't see wrinkles on my face yet. (haha!)

Does it live up with what it has advertised? Definitely YES!


a bit pricey, though, but it gives you what you want. (you get what you paid for!)

> i am already using my second halo powder & hopefully it won't get discontinued.

Thursday, March 4, 2010


i was floored when i tried this one! :) why? because i read tons of reviews - good & bad.
(hence, my hesitation).
but then, when i bought my smashbox halo powder, it came with mini kabuki & photo finish sampler. so, i tried it!

it was great! so, i bought the full size bottle.

i think the technique is to apply ONLY a little.. maybe a pea size over your moisturized skin and then let it set in before applying your foundation or powder. you'll see how it glides on smoothly to your skin.. really smoothly.. and it allows a smooth make up application too..

cons: when you are using the pump bottle, you will hate it! because it won't come out halfway through. maybe, i'll just buy the tube type next time.
other than the poor packaging, i like it! :)

i prefer smashbox primer better than bare escentuals

Benefit Coralista


Coralista has peachy pink shade with a bit of shimmer.

and when you apply it on your cheeks, the color transfers immediately from your brush.

(which means it is pigmented.. really pigmented)

you can build up the color depending on your mood.

and it works well with people who have warm tones.

has a sweet smell too..

the only thing i hate about this product is the brush, it is so small and it can't distribute the blush evenly on my cheek. so, I had to remove it from my make up stash.

i personally like this one because you don't need much to achieve that natural effect & it last longer than the other blushes i have tried.

cons: a bit pricey & brush

this is a picture of coralista blush.

pls take note that i had to put much blush in my hand to let you see the actual color.

read our reviews on how to spot FAKE benefit coralista.