Saturday, April 3, 2010

Myron's Place

We went to Myron's to try their steak because I read somewhere that they have the best steak in the metro.

When we got to Myron's Place, they gave a very light bread with goat cheese. This is ideal for those on diet.

We ordered "chorizo balls." The salad taste delicious but I personally didn't like the chorizo balls. I think it didn't go with the salad.. :(

After that, we ordered Franco's cut which can be split into two. But if you are starving, then have the whole 450 grams all to yourself.

What can I say about Franco's steak? It was tender, delicious & yummy! Superb!!! I like it!
I love it! It is really Angus Beef.. I had mine done in "medium well". If you love steak, they I say.. go for this one. They have different kinds of steak you can choose from. And you won't go wrong ordering this one. Plus they have 3 kinds of dips.

After the main course, I ordered "banana cream pie". I should have tried the pudding instead. Because according to the server, that is their BEST dessert.

Banana cream pie is OK for me. Not bad but not great either. The 3rd layer (white something) makes the pie worth it! There wasn't anything SPECIAL on it. On my next visit, I will try the pudding..

Oh! The staff are friendly too.. :)

Ambiance - 5 star (not too crowded)
Price - 3.5 star
Steak - 5 star

Recommendable? - Yes, I would recommend their STEAK! :)


Chorizo Balls - PhP250
Franco's Cut - PhP1750
Iced Tea - PhP80
Banana Cream Pie - PhP180

Plus 10% service charge

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