Thursday, August 30, 2012



We decided to try Bar Dolci's Macarons at Burgos Circle.

Their macarons are tasty, chewy and they didn't skimp on the ingredients PLUS they have various flavors to choose from.

This is one of our go-to if we ever crave for macarons.

One Macarons cost PhP50. If you buy 5, you get 1 free. Aint nice?


Buy 5, Get 1 free

Monday, July 30, 2012

Mochi Ball by Mochiko

We tried Mochi Balls of Mochiko. 

Mochi is a Japanese confection made of glutinous rice flour or mochiko. 

According to Mochiko, "we make sure that we never scrimp on the good stuff - our mochi are packed with a whole lot of premium ice cream, cookies, jams and other ingredients. you always get more filling than covering with our mochi." 

True enough, they didn't skimp on the ice cream.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Sophie's Mom

I didn't know that Sophie's Mom is just around our village

 It's very convenient if ever we crave for something sweet.

They sell cupcakes, mochi, cookies and breads. 

We weren't able to try their cookies because they're already sold out!

Red Velvet - PhP50 each

Red Velvet Cupcake has cream cheese frosting!

It isn't too sweet plus it has a chocolate chunk inside.

Creme Brulee - PhP50

  Inside Sophie's Mom.


Sophie's Mom
Unit 111, 8760 Residences, Santol cor Aranga Sts, 
San Antonio Village, Makati.
Telephone Number: 856.4849

The Cake Club

Truffle Fries - PhP180
I must say this is a hit on our table.. :)

The fries itself is delicious. But i would like it to be paired with another dip other than ketchup.. :p


The beef is so tender, juicy, meaty and flavorful .. yummy!

The bread is soft and the color is enticing too

I would definitely order this one again!

Baked Salmon - PhP455
 the saffron rice is perfectly paired with the fish.

The fish is fresh not dry nor over cooked.

I highly recommend this dish!

Roast Chicken - PhP395

This roasted chicken is just OK.. The mashed potato tastes good! :)

Slow Roasted Beef Belly - PhP395
 The beef is so tender and sweet. 

The horseradish cream adds a kick to the food.

Supermoist cake - PhP1500 (whole cake)

It's pure chocolate!

Chocolate lovers would definitely love this!

We've been to The Cake Club a couple of times. We first tried it in Rockwell, Powerplant. 

We love going here.

The foods are excellent! 

The prices are reasonable!

The staffs are friendly!

We love their interiors, it's chic and laid back.

The Cake Club
Bonifacio High Street
Tel No.621.3176