Thursday, May 6, 2010

SMASHBOX KABUKI BRUSH (in FULL size) & BARE ESCENTUALS Well Cared Brush Conditioning Shampoo


I got this when I started using Smashbox Halo Powder. Although the Halo powder comes with its kabuki brush, I still wanted to get the Big size because it's too small. this KABUKI brush is VERY soft, gentle and makes powder application a lot faster! It doesn't irritate my skin too. Moreover, it grabs the foundation or powder and evenly distributes them accross my face. The finished look is so natural and yet dense enough to provide great, even coverage.

Having a Kabuki brush is becoming a must-have tool for applying powder, foundation, bronzer, mineralized skinfinish and even blush - you just have to squeeze it!

I recommend this Smashbox Kabuki MORE THAN Bare Escentual's Kabuki Brush.
Why? It's a lot bigger, it gives more coverage & it's UBER soft!

The downsize of it is that there is a slight fallout when you get the brush.. but very minimal!

This Brush is discontinued. But it sells around $30 USD or roughly around PhP1500.

BARE ESCENTUALS Well Cared Brush Conditioning Shampoo

"Like your own hair, your makeup brushes need a little TLC. This gentle, irritant-free brush shampoo washes away all traces of dirt, makeup, oil, and debris from your makeup brushes as it conditions the hair and fibers to a soft finish."

I used very mild or gentle soap in cleaning my brushes but it didn't help! It got tangled up! To my dismay, I had to throw it out! (That's MAC brush!!) So, when Bare Escentuals introduced this product I immediately ordered some of these items.

At first, I thought it was pricey but I decided to splurge and see if this would really make a difference. To my surprise, it does! My brushes feel restored and no longer harsh on my face. So, it's worth every Peso (hahah)

Why do I like this product?
1. it's MUCH better than regular soap or shampoo.
2. the bristles stayed soft after they were dry;
3. it leaves no residue;
4. it is especially designed for brushes;
5. it is extremely gentle.

If you have a brush or have brushes, you need to clean them! you don't want bacteria to linger in your brush/ brushes..!

If only I used my Bare Escentuals cleaner in my MAC brush, I would have been using them by now.. Oh, boy! :(

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