Thursday, May 6, 2010



"The revolutionary good-for-your-skin formula contains vitamins A, C, B5 & E, soybean extract to reduce redness, and Ribose, an all-natural corn extract that renews the appearance of skin. FUNCTION5 SELF-ADJUSTING POWDER FOUNDATION is oil-free, fragrance-free and paraben-free."

at the back of the box it gives some tips on how you can achieve a better coverage:
Adjustable COVERAGE:
SHEER - Apply with FAN BRUSH #22
LIGHT - Apply with POWDER BRUSH #1
MEDIUM - Apply with FACE & BODY BRUSH #19
FULL - Apply wet or dry with the sponge
FULL MATTE - Apply wet with FOUNDATION BRUSH #13 and then dry with the sponge

this product is one of our BEST Seller!

Need I say more? :)

I like this FUNCTION foundation better than the WET DRY foundation.
the former, is matte. It gives medium to heavy coverage. Depending on how much you apply on your face :)
The latter, however, is more sheer.

BUT both gives good coverage.

Don't forget to moisturize your face before applying! :)

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