Saturday, November 6, 2010

How to Spot a FAKE Coralista Blush

As you can see, I really use my Coralista blush :)

Here are some pointers on how to spot a FAKE CORALISTA blush:

1. Coralista blush is a bit pricey. If they sell this for PhP500 - 900. Most probably they are fake! I am a seller too. I know how much this cost if they get it as a wholesale or single purchase..

2. the original letter ‘t’ is pointed, while the fake one has been cut off.

the left side is the "AUTHENTIC" one. the right side is the FAKE one.

looking at these 2 pictures, the color of the AUTHENTIC coralista box is light orange. the FAKE, is somewhat reddish orange or a bit darker in shade.

3. at the back part, you'll see the ingredients printed in different languages:

the FAKE one, once you peel it. it comes off together with the paper :(:

or sometimes the FAKE Coralista has NOTHING written at the back once you peel it OR only one side of it has something written on it.

NOTE: the ingredients should be written on BOTH sides and it shouldn't come off easily.

4. AUTHENTIC smells sweet. FAKE doesn't smell anything.

5. the packaging of the AUTHENTIC Coralista is sturdy. the FAKE one is shoddy

always ask for the "real" picture.

authentic factory overruns = fake

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