Sunday, October 24, 2010

MAC Mineralize Blush in Hand Finish


I promised myself to blog regularly. Oh, boy.. Been to busy.. ;)

I'm gonna give a quick review on my latest haul -> MAC MINERALIZE BLUSH in HAND FINISH.

I was thinking whether to get this one or the daft pink. I hesitated with the daft pink because it's pinkish and might not be suited for my skin tone.

I'm more on the peachy pink side :)

Hmm.. MAC mineralize blush are sheer & shimmery!

It isn't as pigmented as I thought. I use it to highlight my other blush/es.

I think this best suits lighter shade like nc20 or nc25. They'll get the effect of it.

But hey, I still like it! It gives that drammatic effect on my face on top of my Coralista or Peachykeen blush :)

I would suggest this one to those who have lighter skin tone :)

But if you have that "extra" money, then try one!

I won't recommend this one to those who DOESN'T like shimmery and sheer blush.

My skin tone:

Combination skin

I use nc30 (if I'm not too exposed on the sun) and nc35 :)

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