Monday, August 29, 2011

Oils and Scrubs Spa Makati

there are 2 things i do when i have enough time - eat in a restaurant or have a massage.

during the long weekend, my friend and I went to Oils and Srubs Spa in Makati.

it's a bit difficult to find Oils and Scrubs Spa if you aren't familiar in Makati.

when you get inside, you will notice that their reception area is quite small especially if there are people waiting for their turn. they have 4 or 5 massage area (i think) and the massage area is divided by curtains. so, if a phone rings or someone talks, you'll be interrupted (from your sleep).

scrub: when i got to the massage area, my masseuse gave me a disposable undies and she told me to put my things in the basket and then, she asked me to lie down after i change. after a few minutes, she came back with honey and oatmeal scrub and placenta scrub (these are the scrubs i availed of from group voucher). i think, she lathered the placenta scrub on my skin first and then the oatmeal next. but the act itself wasn't done in circulation motion. if you apply the scrub on your skin, it should be done in a circulation motion. but mine wasn't.
the entire treatment lasted for 30 minutes and the combination of these 2 scrubs were somewhat sticky. but i like the scent of the scrubs. when the treatment was done, my masseuse left me for about 5 to 10mins. and she came back and asked me to rinse it off.

shower room: when i got inside the shower room, my masseuse already put the towel on the towel rack. i don't know if the plastic pump bottle is the liquid soap because there's an asparagus looking inside the plastic pump bottle. luckily, i took my own soap to rinse it off. they also have hot and cold shower. oh, you have to toss your disposable undies in the trash bin.

massage: if you get a massage, you have to tell your masseuse what kind of massage you want. i told my masseuse i wanted the oriental massage but my friend didn't ( she either got the swedish or shiatsu). Oils and Scrubs offers 6 kinds of massage. but this treatment offers only 3 kinds - shiatsu, swedish or combination. the massage was just OK. it was relaxing but there should be different kinds of strokes. i could barely count the strokes that was done to me. and i want a massage that can put me to sleep regardless whether i am tired or not.

verdict: I've been to different massages, oils and scrubs is a place i would comeback if somebody treats me. i think it's just an OK massage.

a friend of mine told me there's a good massage in Binondo, I'll check that one. :)

what i don't like:

1. i got disappointed, when my masseuse told me that we will only have 45mins massage since we arrived 15 minutes late. i didn't argue because i think if i argue i will be disturbing my neighbours. we were late because it was raining heavily (and my friend lives outside metro manila, so she has to come to the city despite the heavy rain) and the place is not easy to find! the massages or spas that i usually go to give 10 - 15 minutes leeway without deducting the minutes from our treatment.

2. the place is small! you can hear people talking and phone ringing;

3. location. there should be a signage.

what i like:

1. scent of the scrub

2. cleanliness of the massage area

3. hot and cold shower

4. employees of oils and scrubs are nice and kind

what i somewhat like:

> massage - this can still be improved :)

location: it's at the back of makati cinema square. if you see BPI bank at amorsolo, then, the next building is where Oils and Scrubs Spa is located. the building where Oils and Scrubs is situated is being repaired.

Ground Floor, Gervasia Centre, Amorsolo Street,
Legaspi Village, Makati City Philippines
Tel. No.: (632) 519-6782; 0919-513-0372

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